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2015, digital print on canvas, 38x38x1.5, $750
red attention slap
2013, digital print on canvas, 38x38, $750.
bra sale
2014, plastic webbing, 38x38x1.5, $1200
more warning webbing
2015, perler beads, 11x11, $450
2015, perler beads, 11x11, $450
non-webbing weave
2015, perler beads, 11x11, $450
flanking maneuver
2015, perler beads, 11x11, $450
indifference curves
2015, lawnchair webbing, 52x52x1.5, $1500
all weather webbing
2015, paper tickets, 26x26x1.5, $750
2016, sponge, 24 x 24, $900
adsorb this
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