Tad Griffin, Tom Moody, John Pomara, David Szafranski
Eugene Binder Gallery, Dallas
Michael Odom
Published: The New Art Examiner Summer 1994


David Szafranski's Aliquot Assay is a large trompe l'oeil "weave" of printed technician's paper he culled from the back room of a pharmaceutical firm and taped together in an overall Minimalist pattern. Pharmacists' notes about barbiturate doses and titration procedures complicate the allegedly pure late-Modernist "primary" forms to generate a richly multivalent textuality. The scientific geometry of his (literally and historically) found grid contains the business of medicine. Illness, chemistry, economics, and Agnes Martin cohabit in the same picture plane with the polysemic distress of a dysfunctional family.

Aliquot Assay